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What's new?

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Version 2.6

  • Adedd: "Export to txt file" feature in the Vocabulary Builder
  • A few small changes
  • New English-French vocabulary is added.
04 February 2008

Version 2.5

  • Adedd: "Search for word" feature in the Vocabulary Builder.
  • Vocabulary files improved significantly. Quite a few new vocabularies are added.
  • A number of improvements and fixes.
09 December 2006

Version 2.1

  • Background Panel is considerably improved: the toolbar is added, the feature of saying words aloud is implemented, now it is possible to specify the color of the panel and some other parameters.
  • New Setup Wizard for new users is added
  • Help System is written.
  • All know bugs is fixed.
01 August 2005

Version 2.0

  • Background Panel is added - now you can learn words not only in the screensaver mode, but also during your regular activities.
  • Now you can specify the font for the text. This feature is important for learning some languages, for instance, Esperanto.
  • A number of improvements and fixes.
22 January 2005

Version 1.4

  • Vocabulary Builder is added. Create your own vocabularies!
  • Spanish vocabulary is added.
  • Russian vocabulary is added.
  • Some bug is fixed.
July 07'2005.

Version 1.3

  • First public release.
June 15'2005.

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