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Virtual Teacher Vocabulary Builder

VT Vocabulary Builder is a program for editing or creating user vocabularies. You can create your own vocabularies that include words you need most of all. Thereby, the efficiency of learning is increased. You can either type vocabularies right in the program or convert text files typed before.

You can open VBuilder with the help of:

  • The Start menu: Start-> Programs-> Virtual Teacher Screensaver-> Vocabulary Builder.
  • The "Run VBuilder" button on the "Vocabularies" tab in Configurator.
  • The context menu of BPanel.

How to create your own vocabulary:

  • Run VBuilder.
  • Fill out the word grid using the "Insert" key to add a new line.
  • Instead of typing the vocabulary manually, you can import some already available text file using the feature of importing vocabularies from txt files(File-> Import from txt).
  • Fill out on the second tab: you name, description and other fields.
  • Save the vocabulary to the folder C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Application Data\vteacher\Voc\" (or to any of its subfolders).
  • Open the Configurator and mark your vocabulary as active.
  • Share your vocabulary with others, just send it to us :)

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