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Virtual Teacher Screensaver is a software complex consisting of four main parts:

Virtual Teacher Screensaver itself is a program that runs automatically when you stop working. VTSS shows you foreign words when you are occupied with something not related to your computer.

Virtual Teacher Background Panel is a program that will teach you a foreign language when you're working with your computer. A small toolbar on the screen will show you a foreign word and its translation, and you'll just glance at it now and then and memorize new words. VTBP can pronounce words using the Text-to-Speech technology.

Configurator is a program for customizing the parameters of Virtual Teacher Screensaver.

Virtual Teacher Vocabulary Builder is a program for editing or creating user vocabularies. You can create your own vocabularies that include words you need most of all. Thereby, the efficiency of learning is increased. You can either type vocabularies right in the program or convert text files typed before.

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