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Virtual Teacher Background Panel.

Virtual Teacher Background Panel is a program that will teach you a foreign language when you're working with your computer. A small toolbar on the screen will show you a foreign word and its translation, and you'll just glance at it now and then and memorize new words. Virtual Teacher Background Panel can pronounce words using the Text-to-Speech technology. You can customize background and text color and the duration of displaying words. And what's more important, it's very easy to mark words you have already learned.

Virtual Teacher Background Panel

Virtual Teacher Background Panel has a toolbar in the upper-right part of the window with three control buttons on it. The buttons serve the following purpose:

  1. Mark the word as read - the word will not be displayed on the screen any more.
  2. Go to the next word pair..
  3. Say the word aloud..

The double-click on the BPanel window marks current word as learned

You can specify the text and background color, how long words are displayed, the current vocabulary and several other options using the context menu. Just click the right mouse button anywhere on the window.

You can easily resize the panel and move it anywhere on the screen.

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