VTeacher is a tool that will help you learn any foreign language English, French, Italian, German and other Virtual Teacher Screensaver can you learn foreign language easy
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Learn foreign languages with this unusual screensaver

Trying to learn a foreign language but making little headway? Try Virtual Teacher Screensaver - a new technological twist on time-proven word memorizing technique.

Essentially, Virtual Teacher Screensaver works like old 2X4 cards - displaying a word and its translation. But, unlike the paper analog, Virtual Teacher Screensaver can be used to learn foreign language, while doing other things - cooking, ironing, cleaning up or just taking a break from the computer routine. Virtual Teacher Screensaver users don't have to struggle with motivation problem - the learning process is natural, much like small children learn new words passively by simply listening to their parents. Because pronunciation is an important part of learning a foreign language, the software comes with a capability to pronounce the words.

Virtual Teacher Screensaver is 100% customizable - folks who use it can add their own words, slides and pictures. Once a person feels that he or she has memorized a certain word, F8 button is pressed in order to remove that word from the display list. If used daily to learn 10 new words, the program will enrich the vocabulary by almost 4000 words in one year - more than enough to be able to understand and express basic thoughts in a foreign language.

While a person certainly can create own word lists to memorize, the program developers have over 30 "dictionaries" (word lists) available for download for Russian, English, Spanish, German, French and Italian languages.

Additionally, there is Virtual Teacher Background Panel available on our site. It is a part of Virtual Teacher Screensaver software package released as a free separate program. However, mind that this version has fewer features than the one included into the package.

Virtual Teacher Background Panel is the free program that will teach you a foreign language when you're working with your computer. A small toolbar on the screen will show you a foreign word and its translation, and you'll just glance at it now and then and memorize new words. You can customize a background and text color and the duration of displaying words. And what's more important, it's very easy to mark words you have already learned. Do not waste your time anymore!

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Virtual Teacher Screensaver can you learn foreign language easy