VTeacher is a tool that will help you learn any foreign language English, French, Italian, German and other Virtual Teacher Screensaver can you learn foreign language easy
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Virtual Teacher Screensaver is a tool that will help you learn any foreign language

Virtual Teacher Screensaver is a tool that will help you learn any vocabularies of foreign language: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and others.

Are you one of millions out there who are trying to learn foreign language, but never have enough time? Get Virtual Teacher Screensaver, revolutionary tool that displays words and phrases you are trying to learn and their translation. Launch it during your office break and add new words to your vocabulary while sipping hot coffee and chewing a sandwich. You enter words and phrases yourself and delete the ones you memorized by pressing F8. Now you can easily learn English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and other foreign languages..

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Read about Virtual Teacher Screensaver in French :: German :: Italian :: Polish :: Russian.

Please, note: VTeacher has some problems when run at Windows 7. Probably them won't be fixed.

Virtual Teacher Screensaver is a software complex consisting of four main parts: Screensaver, VT Background Panel, Configurator and Vocabulary Builder.

Download Virtual Teacher Screensaver

If your native language is English you can easily learn French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian... and vice versa.

Virtual Teacher Screensaver distribution package includes a number of complete vocabularies, you can find list of languages on download page. Also we have some vocabularies created by our users, you can find them on our vocabularies page. Additionally, you can create your own list of words for studying, just use Vocabulary Builder included to our software package.

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  What's New:

Version 2.6
  • Adedd: "Export to txt file" feature in the Vocabulary Builder
  • A few small changes
  • New English-French vocabulary is added.
04 February 2008

Version 2.5
  • Adedd: "Search for word" feature in the Vocabulary Builder
  • Vocabulary files improved significantly. Quite a few new vocabularies are added.
  • A number of improvements and fixes
09 December 2006

Version 2.1
  • Background Panel is considerably improved: the toolbar is added, the feature of saying words aloud is implemented, now it is possible to specify the color of the panel and some other parameters.
  • New Setup Wizard for new users is added
  • Help System is written
  • All known bugs are fixed

What users say?

Brilliant idea! So simple yet so effective. Just the thing i've been looking for.


I believe the Virtual Teacher Screensaver idea is great. I am a college student taking my third semester of Spanish. I think this screensaver is an excellent way for me to learn my vocabulary for each unit.

Ali Chhotani

Download Virtual Teacher Screensaver

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Virtual Teacher Screensaver can you learn foreign language easy